Saturday, September 27, 2014

On storytelling

Storytelling is an integral part of daily life. It happens everywhere – where a group a people come together, to do something, to share something, to just be together. All families are of stories, and it is a fact universally acknowledged that all grandmothers are natural storytellers. Teacher too tell stories to pre-schools and every corporate is full of its own special stories. Newspapers are full of stories – extraordinary and sometimes horrific. Human beings are natural storytellers. It is a natural urge, like breathing perhaps. When people share stories, they make sense of their experiences while rediscovering their identity through the narratives they tell and hear. 
As Walter Benjamin says, 'The storyteller takes what he tells from experience - his own or that reported by others. And he in turn makes it the experience of those who are listening to his tale.'
We listen to stories to experience that special ‘moment of becoming’ when we can learn something about ourselves and the world around us. Storytelling more than any other cultural act produces and transforms our ideas of identity and belonging. 

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