Monday, April 18, 2011

Feed Back from Batch no - 23

April 11 to 16
Intensive Course.

Day 1
Monday : Introduction – Book marks / Nyayas / listening
RP: Geeta
Pooja Sagar: Loved the way we were asked to introduce ourselves. Simply loved the whole session.

Sonal Takrar: Learnt a lot about what actually storytelling is and where it lies.
Ambience is warm and homely.

Nanditha Bharat: A complete experience! The session offered a much needed clarity about story telling.

Brindha Shanmugam: It made me a good listener. I understood that story telling haas got different prospective.

Day 2
Tuesday: Creativity, How to tell a story? Different aspects of Story telling/ voice
RP: Geeta
Dhanya Magavi: Didn’t know that story telling involved so much of professionalism. What an eye opener !

Neha Bhandari: It is true, when a person wants to do something, the truth follows the person.

Nanditha Bhandari: A fantastic session! The varied examples sprinkled right through really helped to bridge the gap between theory and actual practice. Am in total awe of Geeta madam’s energy and the life that she brings in to each story.

Sonal : It was an intensive round up of how to prepare and tell a story. A very energetic and dramatic session.

Brindha: Story telling not an easy task but you can! – this I understood today.

Day – 3
Wednesday: Childhood stories & session with councilor
RP: Geeta & Varalakshmi.
Rama: The council ling session made me to realize the unknown potential in me.
Nanditha: Varalkshmi held a mirror up to our own self. I am so cought up with routines in life and have got so used to reacting to every situation. It was really so nice to pause and think and simplify things. Thank you for helping me to get in touch with myself.

Brinda: Sharing childhood memories was really amazing. Varalakshmi’s session was really useful and helped us to know about ourselves from other’s point of view.

Sonal: It was a very self knowing session. Very heart warming session, had a peep inside.

Pooja: Sharing a childhood memory was a wonderful experience. Varalakshmi’s session was not just ‘Window Opener’ but “Soul Opener’.

Neha: Felt very nice. Had a deep inside journey. Hope to continue on this journey.

Dhanya: It connecting with oneself and others. A journey begins inside. The teacher inspires and that is what Geeta and Varalakshmi did to me.

Sejal: I learnt to know oneself in a positive way and also think in a positive way .

Day – 4
Thursday – Body Language
RP: Anshul Pathak
Dhanya: Anshul’s energy was contiguous. It brought home the fact of how little we use our body to communicate effectively

Namitha: It made me how little I listen to my body and realize its hidden potential. Our senses are so powerful if we concentrate and pay attention. The session was all the more beautiful for me as it was done by Anshul with whom I grew up.

Pooja: Anshul was very confident, energetic and passionate about his work.

Sonal: Anshul did a great job in helping us to recognize the existence of our body parts and how to use them effectively.

Neha: It’s a very different experience to know your own body parts. Very nice realization.

Day –5
Friday: Puppetry
RP: Ambica Chandrashekhar
Dhanya: Common sense and Art blended well together. Great mentor. Loved it.

Nanditha: The session was enjoyable. It gave me a glimpse of how puppets can be made with such simple things.

Pooja: Ambica thought us some very simple and effective puppets.

Sonal: Puppet making was fun & creative.

Ramadevi: For the first time in my life, made puppets myself and realized that I am ok with it. I can improve upon myself.

Neha: realized that with little glue, paper and colour could do lots of puppets and can be resourceful to my own self. My creativity came to surface.

Brinda: So far I have not done any puppets, but this session gave me confidence that I can also make puppets.

General Comments:
Brinda: It was a holistic approach of story telling.
Quite interactive.
It was interesting and informative.
Gave me confidence and how to go about it.

Neha: Just too interesting. This learning was a different experience.

Ramadevi: The course is extremely useful for everyone. It is just not only about body language and voice modulation. It has been scientifically designed, each session had its own importance and brought out the best in all of us. For us, to become a good story teller, all the fundamentals were given and now it is up to us to improve upon it and make the best out of the workshop. I am really touched.

Pooja: A holistic approach to story telling; in a manner I have never experienced before.
Geeta’s energy and smile is simply infectious. I look forward to work with her some time in future.
The effort in preserving and nurturing India’s rich traditions of story telling is highly appreciable.

Sejal: It was really a wonderful experience. There are lots and lots to learn ahead.

Nanditha: Trying to desire my experience would be like trying to describe the scent of a Rose….. so subtle yet all-encompassing ….. words wouldn’t sufficient !!! Thank you .

Dhanya: Such a wholesome program!!!
I received more than I expected. All the sessions were soul touching. Most enjoyable workshop I have ever attended..